Your front desk is busy. We can help.

Front desks are only answering 33-55% of new patient phone calls and getting 34% conversion out of answered calls. By outsourcing your scheduling needs, you can grow your practice while focusing on your patients.

Golden Goose Scheduling routes your calls to our scheduling center where our trained agents can seamlessly schedule patients directly into your Practice Management Software —
just like your team would.

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How can I assist you today?

Building a relationship and getting results.

We take an individualized approach to scheduling. Agents are specifically assigned to your office, so they can speak about your practice with accuracy and confidence.

The Golden Goose leadership team has over 40 years of healthcare experience, and our agents are trained in Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion — resulting in an outstanding 90% conversion rate.

Ready to start scheduling more new patients than ever before?