What our clients are saying

Dr. Leonard Tau

Golden Goose Scheduling does a great job communicating with our office to help get patients scheduled in a timely matter. This week we had a family of 4 that wanted to get in and mom had a dental concern with one of the kids. GGS scheduled the patients at our first available appointments, which was further out than they had wanted but assured the patients that we would do our best to get them in sooner. Later that day we had an opening and I was able to call and get the patient seen that same day. GGS does a great job building value in our office and communicating with us on patients specific needs and concerns. Without the conversation between GGS and our office that appointment would have gone unscheduled. This is just one example of the countless times we have worked together as a team!

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

I’d like to compliment one of your GGS schedulers. I couldn’t find her name but she is the one who answered a call on 5/1 that took 6 minutes. The patient wasn’t making it easy on her but she did a nice job of explaining different types of insurance, reassuring the patient and expressing concern for the patient.. She was kind and courteous. She did a great job

Operations Specialist

We are currently working out which direction we are going with our marketing. Right now there are not any mailers running so they were not surprised to hear there was a decrease in call volume. We have been very happy with your services and will let you know when we run the next marketing campaign!

Practice Administrator/ Wiseman Endodontics

My journey to find a professional scheduling service has been a difficult one. I called literally every dental-centric messaging & scheduling service available. All were either reluctant (or out-right refused) to learn our practice management software or wanted me to learn and use third party software. None reflected the competence and professionalism our specialty Endodontic practice exudes. None; until Golden Goose. They get it. Proactive rather than reactive, they showcase their thorough and refined phone skills with both new patients and referring dental staff.They do not disappoint which is seldom said when outsourcing, well, anything. Simply stated, Golden Goose has earned my highest possible recommendation. I only wish my other 3rd-party solutions were as capable.

Wiseman Endodontics

Lynn is taken care of. Thank you Candace! GGS is great!

Dr. Richard G. Wyne, DDS, PA

Good morning GGS family! I want to take a second to give you all praise the amazing job you all have been doing with the NPs and filling in gaps in the schedule, which takes a burden off of our shoulders! You all are great at what you do as well as modifying your approach based on directives.

Dr. Jarret Hulse

I’ve worked with 2 other call centers before this one. This is the only one that has not only been able to stay on top of the calls, but they actually convert new patients BETTER than my trained staff.  That’s saying something.

Dr. Graham Dersley

We’ve tried other call centers with mediocre results. Golden Goose Scheduling has surpassed our expectations by providing consistently outstanding service. Dr. Graham Dersley

Dr. David Sherberg

The beauty is in the simplicity. Their only goal is to answer the phones and get new patients on the schedule.  The results are amazing.

Dr. Michael Grossman

My patient care coordinator can now do what she excels at…speaking directly to patients presenting treatment plans while new patient calls are easily converted to appointments without us even knowing. The Call center puts them in the right spot and they show up almost every time.

Dr. Nathan Jeal

The scheduling center is as much part of my team as my local staff. The integration was seamless.

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