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Currently you're not answering 33-55% of your new patient phone calls. Golden Goose Scheduling will answer and schedule these calls & get you more new patients.

Golden Goose Scheduling was featured as one of Kinra's Value Brands!

What kind of impact can Golden Goose Scheduling have with your practice?

Let's look at the data {referencing the 2 attached reports} from one of our clients who was spending $5,000+/month in advertising expenses but was only scheduling 9 New Patients for those efforts. Why? Because his team was unable to answer 55% of the NP phone calls that came in that month. The calls went to voicemail or they got a busy signal and hung up.

When the team did answer, they only converted 37.5% of people into appointments. In the first month using GGS, 100% of the NP phone calls were answered and we scheduled him 32 New Patients! Same $5,000+/month spent but a 400% increase in the NP's seen.

3 months later we scheduled 61 NP's as we learned more about what made their practice unique, what hurdles were present for scheduling their patients and how to overcome them.

From 9 NP/month to 61 NP/month. That's the GGS difference!

What kind of impact would that have on your Practice? How many more NP's per month could you be seeing? We can answer the calls and convert to appointments for you.

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Golden Goose Packages

Other call centers are charging $500 per month plus $65 for each New Patient scheduled, but not Golden Goose Scheduling!

Hire another front desk team member


Call Centers


$65 for eachNew Patient scheduled

If you have GGS but ARE NOT a Call Tracker ROI client


$297 set up fee and $45 for each New Patient Scheduled

If you are BOTH a GGS AND Call Tracker ROI client


$297 set up fee and only $45 for each New Patient scheduled

*No contract required, cancel service at any time

Helping You Find Your New Patient Golden Egg,One Call At A Time.


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