Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Since new patients generally call during practice hours, we are available Monday through Friday from 7am EDT through 8pm EDT. Saturday hours will be available soon.

If I have a question who do I contact?

We have a Helpdesk to handle all inquiries. Simply email support@goldengoosescheduling.com

Do you provide a Demo of your scheduling service?

The best approach is to contact Steve either at the helpdesk (support@goldengoosescheduling.com) or 704-519-6678. He will set up a call and take you through the logistics of how the scheduling process works and answer any questions.

Can you answer calls for large volume practices?

Yes, we have small practices with 5 new patients a month and large groups that we schedule well over 400 appointments for.

How long have you been in business for?

We have been in business since March of 2016.

Are your clients general dentists only?

No, we work with all types of Healthcare Practice (dental, medical, etc.)

Do you provide Recall services?

Yes, it’s important to increase your new patient numbers but just as important to maintain your current patient levels. Our agents will place calls to your existing patients who have missed their appointments to get them into your office.

Do you provide Chat services?

Absolutely, just like scheduling patients through the phone we can also handle chats from the practices website. We use Medchat to handle the chat process.

I see you only charge if the patient shows for their appointment. How do you know if they showed up for their appointment?

In the Web Portal each booked appointment has a space where agents will verify in your Practice Management Software if the patient showed for their appointment by placing a “yes” next to the patient data line.

Is there a contract to use your services?

No, we do not believe in locking any client into any term. We want you to see value in the service and can use it for as long as you see the value.

Do you provide group discounts?

Yes, contact Steve by emailing the helpdesk  support@goldengoosescheduling.com

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, there is a one time setup fee of $ 297

Is there an additional charge for the chat services?

Yes, there is an additional cost for the chat service.  For fees, please email our helpdesk at        support@goldengoosescheduling.com

What are the fees for your service?

Email our helpdesk for pricing.  support@goldengoosescheduling.com

Do we pay only for patients that show up for their appointment?

We do have a guarantee option, if selected, you only pay for appointments that we schedule and they must show up for their appointment. If they don’t show for their appointment, you do not pay.

How are your fees structured?

There is a one time setup fee, a monthly fee and per scheduling appointment fee. Please email support@goldengoosescheduling.com for pricing.

Do you use Call Scripts?

No as they sound mechanical. We do have a “Call Flow” which every agent is required to follow.

My office is different from other practices. How do your agents know to properly answer a caller’s question?

We customize. Each client completes a four page new patient questionnaire telling us everything about your new patient protocols. This data is put into our proprietary software as a “Tab” view for which agents have instant access to when on a call.

Can I listen to the calls from your agents?

Our main scheduling center software stores all client calls in one large audio file. Access to this file is a HIPAA violation. You can request a call for which our quality control team will email to you.

Do you provide Call Reports?

We do. Every potential call that enters our scheduling center is logged in a Web Portal which the client has access to. You will find various data related to those calls.


What is your call philosophy?

Our agents are trained in Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion (influenceatwork.com) by Dr. Christopher Phelps who is 1 of 3 worldwide and the only dentist in the world authorized to teach this Science of Influence to the general public.

How do I know when your agents have booked a patient?

Once we schedule a patient, our agents will send an email to your contact person denoting the date and time of the patient’s appointment.

Does your agent actually schedule the patient in the scheduling software?

They input the demographic information, insurance information and anything else you require, just like your front desk would do.

How many agents are assigned to my practice?

Depending on the volume of calls, we start out with 5 agents. Then we monitor your call volume and add enough agents to meet your capacity needs. Every practice is different and we use data to determine your practices needs.

Do you have bilingual agents?

Yes we do have Spanish speaking agents. They handle the bilingual patient’s needs.

Do you handle all of our new patient calls?

The majority of our clients have us as first in line meaning they send their new patient calls directly to us. The average staff conversion rate in the US and Canada is a low 34%. Our conversion rate is over 90% resulting in more patients scheduled and higher revenue for the practice.

Can my team attempt to answer the call first?

Yes, we have a few clients place us 2nd in line. Meaning the call first will ring at the practice for a couple of rings and if your team is unable to answer the call, it will route directly to our scheduling center where our agents will handle the call.

Do your agents provide us with information related to the appointment?

Absolutely, agents provide “notes” in the clients Practice Management Software as denoted by the client. This provides you and your staff with important information about the appointment. Remember we customize to your needs!

How do new patient calls enter your center?

You or your phone carrier sets up a Phone Tree on your main office line. For ex. “Welcome to ABC Dental, if you are an existing pt please press 1. If you are new to our practice please press 2.

How do you know it’s a new patient from my practice?

We provide you with an internal phone number so when the patient presses the new patient option, the call routes to GGS and identifies the name of the practice.

Do I need special phone equipment to use your service?

No, most phone carriers can create a phone tree in their software and many phone provider’s systems provide a dashboard so clients can create their own phone trees.

Will Analog phone systems work?

Most do as the phone carriers themselves are the ones who create the phone tree.

How do you differentiate from other Call Centers?

Call Center models have hundreds of agents assigned to a client. Agent # 250 receives a call from client # 150 and agent # 250 knows nothing about client # 150. That creates a huge disconnect with the new caller. Agent # 250 fails at creating liking and trust and does not build the Authority of the client. This results in a typical call center converting under 40% of calls into appointments. Our conversion rate has averaged greater than 90% every month for 5 years.

Do your agents communicate with our staff?

Yes, especially during the first 30 to 45 days as we learn your practice. We are an extension of your team so building a rapport with your team is important to everyone’s success.

How do you access my Practice Management Software?

We establish a HIPAA compliant encrypted connection to a dedicated PC at your practice. You then provide us with a login to your Practice Management software so our agents can schedule patients in real time, just like your team.

I have a cloud based software, does that work?

Yes, you simply provide us with a login to your software. Cloud based software is great to work with.

What type of Practice Management softwares do you work with?

We work with most of them. Dentrix, Eaglesoft, SoftDent, Curve, Open Dental and many more.

Can you collect a credit card from the patient prior to appointment?

Absolutely, many of our clients require credit card deposits of various amounts. We collect the credit card info and input it into your Practice Management Software. We then email your team accordingly to let them know to charge the patient’s card.

If there is information missing for a patient, who do I contact?

Contact our helpdesk, email support@goldengoosescheduling.com and one of our team members will help you

Why do I need a dedicated PC?

We prefer a dedicated PC because if our agent is on a live call with one of your patients and they are in the process of scheduling an appointment and someone from your team starts using the shared PC, it will terminate the connection making it difficult to provide the best service to the patient.


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